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Allivis Trial

15% Garlic Oil extract (Garlicin)

Product Details

  • Allivis Molecular formula: C6H10OS2=162.27
  • PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTY: White powder, It has the strong garlic smell, does not dissolve in the water, This non-toxic, does not have the side effect and remains without the medicine.

The wonder drug, Natural Growth Promoter - antibiotic replacement option is pure garlic oil extract. Garlic is a feed additive that is frequently used in the tropical region in aquaculture and poultry.
"Garlic usage has proven to be a very promising aid against viral infection prevention in livestock." Allivis feeding during viral infections topped up with Allivis Liquid spray in farms have brought down the mortalities in poultry farms significantly.
Garlic contains about 17% protein, 0.8% fat, 3% minerals, with varying amounts of vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin) and enzymes (allinase, peroxidase, and myrosinase). In addition, garlic contains about 0.2% volatile oils which are particularly released when the plant is processed into powder form.
"It has been shown that garlic constituents interact with the gut endocrine system, and are hence able to stimulate selective population of intestinal cells and cause enlargement of intestinal villi, particularly in the duodenum section, with a resulting increase of the absorptive capacity. "This mechanism has established reports for the improved feed conversion ratios despite the reduced intake of garlic-supplemented diets

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