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Ahead of Competition

Ahead of competition

At Innovista we keep ahead of Competition

Whenever Livestock Industry goes through rough weathers, we defend our market position and maintain our competitive edge.

At Innovista we know our competition:

We do extensive studies to find out who our competitors are, what they are offering and what their unique selling point (USP) is. We identify the areas we need to compete in, as well as creating a platform for differentiating us.

At Innovista we Differentiate:

It's essential to give Customers good reasons to come to us. Our USP taps into what customers want which is clear and obvious - no one should have to ask what makes us different

At Innovista we step up marketing:

We make more effort to tell people who we are, what we sell and why they should buy from us.

At Innovista we update our image:

Simple steps such as sending mailers to our Customers on Industry Updates and product updates. We create a platform through our publications in various poultry magazines for discussions on future trends and setting a benchmark for the Industry future. Our image reflects our USP.

At Innovista we look after our existing customers:

We provide better customer services by being more responsive to their needs and expectations. Wherever feasible, we consider offering low-cost extras such as improved credit terms, discounts or loyalty schemes - we realize it is cheaper and easier to keep customers than to find new ones.

At Innovista we target new markets:

We Understand that selling into a greater number of markets can increase our customer base and spread our risk.

At Innovista we believe in looking into the future:

Businesses that plan for growth are more successful than those that are happy to stay still. We keep up with developments in Poultry sector, follow consumer trends, invest in new technology and - crucially - have a clear idea of where we want to be in one, three and five years' time.

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