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15% Garlic Oil extract (Garlicin)

Product Details

  • Allivis Molecular formula: C6H10OS2=162.27
  • PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTY:White powder, It has the strong garlic smell, does not dissolve in the water, This non-toxic, does not have the side effect and remains without the medicine.

1. has broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, bactericidal effect
2. the fish, shrimp, crabs, turtles and other aquatic animals Gill rot, alternaria spot significant prevention and treatment of diseases such as bleeding, enteritis, raising livestock and poultry, and fish and shrimp disease resistance.
3. has a feeding attractant effect: increase appetite, increase feed intake, improve the survival rate, egg production rate, improve the fertilized egg, lower material weight ratio and growth
4. improving animal meat flavor, lower cholesterol.
5. has antifungal effect: tests showed that of garlicin on Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus Niger, Aspergillus fumigatus has a very strong inhibition and killing role can effectively prevent moldy feed, of extending the feed store, alternative feed preservatives.
6. non-toxic side effects without residue and resistance: no residues and other drugs in the body does not produce cross resistance,

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