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A superlative growth tonic with power of NUCLEOTIDES

Product Details

  • Hirise
  • Presentation:1 L HDPE bottle
    Do not use undiluted and do not keep treated water for longer than 48 hours. Ensure drinking lines and header tanks are clean and free from biofilms. Use of this product on unclean lines will cause furring due to removal of the biofilm.
Usage - Benefits:

1. To improve immunity & body weight.
2.To improve egg production & hatchability.
3.To improve egg mass & quality.
5.To prevent mineral deficiency
6. To make up the requirement of amino acids.
7. To avoid misshapen eggs during peak lay & early lay.
8. To overcome leg weakness.
9. To overcome stress.

Recommended Usage :
(Once a day in morning 3-4 hours water)
Breeders: 2ml/litre of drinking water for 5-7 days
Broilers: 1ml/litre of drinking water for 5 days
Layers: 1ml/litre of drinking water
(Week a month program OR During mineral & amino acids deficiency stages)
Dairy Cattle :
During Myco-toxicity:
Double the dose for 15 days.

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