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Konzerve plus

(Sodium Butyrate 90%, Coated, Granular Formulation)

The Bio-Regulator Acidifier and Performance Enhancer

Product Details

  • KONZERVE Plus KONZERVE Plus is Sodium Butyrate (90%) Coated with cellulose. This protects sodium Butyrate from being from being hygroscopic and covers up the pungent odor. KONZERVE Plus help to release Sodium Butyrate at the gut. So the full potency of the salt can be achieved at the required site of action.
  • Dosage:Broilers (0 to 20 days) : 250gm. / ton of feed
    Broilers (22d-market) : 150gm. / ton of feed
    Commercial Layers : 250gm. / ton of feed
    Breeders : 250gm. / ton of feed
    Weaned Piglet : 600gm. / ton of feed
    Growing and Finishing Pigs : 300gm. / ton of feed

In Poultry Productivity, to maintain a healthy gut is of immense importance. Short chain fatty acids have an outstanding effect in mainting gut health through their area if action. Short chain fatty acids successfully maintain the gut health in the anterior part of gastrointestinal tract. The posterior part along with the caecum remains a challenge inability of various short chain fatty acids to reach there, in an undissociated form.
KONZERVE Plus is a bio-regulator acidifier, which is comprised of a short chain fatty acid i. e a pure form of sodium salt of n-Butracid.
KONZERVE Plus → CH3 - [ CH2 ]2 - COONa

Mode of Action

The Butyric acid in KONZERVE Plus enters the microbial cell in undissociated form. Within the cell it releases protons in an alkaline enviornment which results the decrease of intracellular pH. This decrease of pH influences microbial metabolism by inhibiting action of important microbal enzymes. Microbial cells try to excrete proton by using its entery and ultimately end up to death. KONZERVE Plus also supplies entery to the epithetical cells of villi to recover its damage caused by the enteritis.


CH3 - [CH2]2 - COOH - CH3 - [CH2]2 - COO- + H+
In an undissociated state KONZERVE Plus is strongly lipophilic and easily cross membranes. The dissociation rate is low due to its high pka value. The dissociation rate is also influenced by the pH of the intestinal liquid. Konzerve Plus remains undissociated even in high pH in the large intestine owing to its pKa value as compared to formic acid and lactic acid.

Benefit 1: Immunomodutatory effect

KONZERVE Plus increases the Hemoglobin synthesis and stimulates the non specific and local immunity.
KONZERVE Plus correlates lipopolysaccharides from pathogenic bacteria in such a way that it controls the nitric oxide production. KONZERVE Plus stimulates proliferation of beneficial bacteria's like Bifido bacteria and lactobacillus.

Benefit 2: Biological Effect

KONZERVE Plus increases the length of the villi at the ileum by 30%. This implies a major improvement of absorptive and digestive capacity and hence increases the body weight of broiler.

Technical Papers

• Butyric acid-based feed additives protect broiler chickens from Salmonella enteritidis infection - Poultry Science Association Inc - R. Balf

• Supplementation of coated Butyric acid in the feed reduces colonization and shedding of Salmonella in poultry - Dept. of Pathology, GHENT University, Belgium.

• Microencapsulated SCFA in feed modify colonization and invasion early after infection with Salmonella Enteritidis in young chicken - Dept. of pathology, GHENT University, Belgium.

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